New Forum on Strike a Pose!

Heyup, just to let all the RPG players know that the forum on Strike a Pose has now moved. I've made a backup of Kold High and will post it up on the main site as soon as possible.

Also, I've sorted out the archive for this community too, so you all previous posts of DOF there ;D

Kold High RPG

Alrighty guys, blueeyeassassin and I have a plan for a new RPG. Actually, it's a spin-off of the old 'DBZ characters in school' RPG only with the entire DOF cast. Well maybe not Obi-Wan ^^; Depends if anyone wants to play him really (I'd prefer to focus on Jeice in this RPG). It won't be nearly as serious as DOF. In fact I thought it would be a good RPG for any new DOF players to join as it's easier to get to know characters, relationships and of course fellow players in a game with a less action/adventure-packed plot. Also, it will probably give us a few good ideas for DOF (and hopefully help clear writer's block ¬_¬).

Plot: Very simple. Dof cast in school - Freeza is Headmaster, King Kold is the intimidating Dep. Head and Captain Ginyu is the ruthless gym teacher. It'll be set around Christmas for that festive feel (thought I'd celebrate Christmas online for once ^^) ...feel free to join in with any ideas! I have a few but I'd like to know how many people are up for it before I start discussing plans.


Btw, I'd REALLY prefer if people discussed plans for the RPG over on the forum. I'll be deleting this post in a couple of days.
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New Forum

Alright guys - big update for Strike a Pose!

I've opened a new forum for this community and the Ginyu Force fansite (took my bloody ages mind). Don't worry, we can still roleplay Duel of Fates here but from now on all character and plot discussion (and ranting in general) will go on Here! I'm quite proud of it. It looks...homey ^_^

I'm also looking about for cheap web hosting. I'm fed up with geocities, I'd love my own site for "Strike a Pose!" So if anyone knows of a good web host please let me know!

So ..yes, get going and introduce yourself all over again! The more your post the higher your rank. Any future RPGs will get started there. The forum is yours to rant in ;D
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(no subject)

Name: Felix
Age: 19
Gen: Male

Theme: Anime; Video Game; Original
Genre: Yaoi (Will do anything, has few limits )
Ratings: R to NC-17.
Fandoms: All kinds as long as I know some of what the fandom is about. Right now, I am looking for in this Community, DB/Z/GT.

Kinks: I have very few limits, so off the bat tell me what your kinks are and maybe we can work them into the RP if you want. As long as its not necrophilia, I'm willing to try anything except that.

Exp: Ive been Role playing for over six years now.

Style: I role play third-person novel style otherwise known as paragraph form. I do not accept chat jargon, aka "plz". The person must be fairly good at RPing and have fairly good grammar. I dont want to feel like I'm RPing with the latest rapper, M-C Such and Such and have them post something like, "I be walkin down the street with my b*tches." I am an english major, stuff like that makes me hurt inside.

Post Limit: Max Minimum is 2 lines (not sentences) in a post or one really long run-on sentence. Maximum is whatever you want it to be. But I prefer that you do not post over 30 AIM IM posts, I don't want a novel.

Etc.: Since I mostly roleplay in the Anime genre, there is the matter of seme (top) and uke (bottom). I usually do uke(bottom) but I may try to do seme(top) for certain people. But I'm usually an uke(bottom). So I am in need of someone who can RP Seme(Top) characters.

Setting: AIM, Yahoo or MSN.

The couples I am interested in include: Goku x Gohan , Goku x Goten, Goku x Piccolo, Goku x Vegeta, Gohan x Piccolo, Gohan x Vegeta, Gohan x Goten, Goten x Trunks, Vegeta x Piccolo, Goku x Super/ Kid Buu, Trunks x Jeice. To make it short, for DBZ, I will pair up anyone with anyone. So far I am interested in a great deal of DBZ Yaoicest, so if anyone wants to do any of that with me, just contact me.

AIM: VTarnishedAngelV
Yahoo ID: PaperAlchemistTerri
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(no subject)

Took a while but it's finally done. Go take a look! Btw, sorry again to Raz - I had to shimmy up your answers for Freeza between my friends answers (Funk'd be pissed if I didn't include them, sorry!) If you can find me a pic of Tundranis I'll edit the quiz and add him in. Same to J_Joseph and Speed with Ebony!

Duel of Fates Quiz
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