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01 August 2005 @ 09:24 am
hey hey hey  
Hola, everyone!
Since the RPG is so very slow, I thought I'd get comments on this intro piece for Caithion's life story, which is in the works. Read and enjoy.

The quiet in the room was almost deafening.

He looked around him, but could not see the door. It was as obscured as the rest of the room. It was almost like someone had dropped a curtain around him- a black curtain, as black as space. Was the room made out of space?

He wanted to get out of here. He wanted to run out under the red skies of his planet, never to come back. He didn’t care WHAT Toko said about the powers he would gain, he didn’t CARE about being a general. Hells, at this point he didn’t even care that if he left this room his hair and eyes would never color. His tail was getting frizzy. Going insane simply wasn’t worth it.
The voices got louder. It sounded like they were arguing.

It is far past the time for this, my brother.
We cannot take a chance, Caithion!
We have no choice in the matter, my sibling. YOU have no choice.
But why this boy? Why could it not be the one before?

He stood his ground. I’m imagining things, he told himself. Toko always says I am.
But the voices continued.

I agree, Baezael. It is past the time.
But Mor-
No, Baezael. You know what must be done.

Well, he thought ruefully to himself. I don’t even think this is worth getting color on myself. He had hated his colorless eyes and hair for as long as he could remember. It was the chamber, his father told him, which gave Tristes their color.

Just three ges, he thought. I only need to stay here three ges, listen to the ‘voice of the Ancients’ or whatever, and then get out of here.

The Voices of the Ancients had seemingly made a decision.

Fine. If there is no other way.
There is none.
Then go.

He realized he was not alone. There was someone else in the room, someone walking-or floating-towards him. He was not afraid.

He was-tall. Amazingly so, the tallest Saiyan the boy had ever seen. He was thin, and pale. His long black hair was done in a multitude of braids, each set at the base with a bead in the shape of a skull. They clicked as he leaned forward. The boy realized that he had no legs- he simply melted into the darkness. And how is it, he thought, startled, that I can see him while all around me is black?

The man’s eyes met his colorless pupils. The boy almost recoiled. The irises which gazed at him gleamed a menacing blood red. The man laughed softly.

Oh, yes. You’re mine, through and through. Baezael thought it would never happen.

The man did not truly speak; instead, his voice was like a greased whisper on the inside of one’s mind. It sounded almost like a hiss. The boy thought that, even for the son of a general who encountered magic on a regular basis, he was a little too calm. Perhaps Toko had dumped something in the ceremonial wine.

Powerful. Quite. You’ll outdo me by parsecs. I’m not at all surprised, you know. Because you’re going to be a king.

He blinked in shock. King? He couldn’t be King! His cousin was-

No, child. Not the king of Saiyajinn. Oh no. But you will be a King.

The man knelt down, and he saw black streaks sliding just underneath the pale skin. Why didn’t I see that before? He wondered. The man smiled, revealing perfectly white canines.then he chuckled. The boy thought it was a bit undignified.

Dignity has nothing to do with it, my lad. He reached out and touched the boy’s face. He didn’t move.

It’s a burden, I know, the man said, sounding almost apologetic. But you can do it. You are me, after all.

The man leaned forward, wrapping his arms around the child, whose colorless eyes widened in confusion. Almost reverently, the Ancient One kissed him.

He felt as though his body was being tied in knots. There were voices- hundreds of them- they whispered to him from the darkness all around, they begged him to be heard. Tentacles of shadow snuck cat-like up his legs and around his arms as he fell to the floor, clutching his head, telling whatever it was that spoke to be silent.

The man watched him.

Quite the burden, Caithion Gramaka, he said softly. The boy’s ears burned at the first mentions of his name, his true name, the name this place had given him. Yes, quite the burden indeed.

The pain stopped; the darkness quieted its screams. He stood. He thought, for a moment, it would be okay to speak, but paused as a lock of dark black hair fell over his shoulder. The man smiled and was suddenly whole, a Saiyajinn wearing black with glowing red eyes- no more a twisted shadow being. He stood and looked at the boy who stared at him.

Take this, he said, and tossed out a hand. The boy caught the object. He looked at it, confused, then put it in his pocket.

What do I do with it? He asked in his mind. His older counterpart shrugged, and shadows flew off him like down.

You’ll know when you’ll need to use it. And when you do, tell Shura I send my love.

There was a flash, violently white; it was as if all the light in the universe were focused on his eyes. For a moment, he thought the man stood before him again. But he looked different. His hair was more wild, and unbound. His face more angular, pointed. And the eyes that met Caithion’s were not red, but a gleaming and almost ethereal purple.

He kneeled on the cold, bloodstone floor of a round chamber. There was no light, but he could see everything perfectly. Because he was the darkness.
Looking into the mirror-bright polished floor, Caithion Gramaka Triste observed his wild black hair and bright purple eyes. Taking a deep breath, he stood and turned towards the warped wooden door that was the exit from his prison. As he pushed on the handle, he steeled himself for entering the light.
Karetekarete on August 2nd, 2005 04:10 am (UTC)
NiftyCertainly shiws that there's more to Shura and Caithion than the simple Sage and Rebellion member we've been seeing.

Got any more history for us?

By the way if anyone happens to read this I need to know which of your characters can fly or not. Thanks.
Caithblueeyeassassin on August 2nd, 2005 11:18 am (UTC)
Thanks, Karete. As for my characters... I dunno if piccolo is mine, but he can fly. Caithion can also fly. Trunks can fly but reeeeaaallllyyy doesn't like to (afraid of heights, don't cha' know.)
☆Starkiller: Obi-Wan Kenobi / Chyss Starkillerc_starkiller on October 27th, 2005 10:57 pm (UTC)
Booyaa my friend ;D This is up on the site now (http://www.ginyu-force-rpg.cjb.net)