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Welcome to the Ginyu Force RPG. Here members can pick characters from the Namek/Freeza saga or create OCs and roleplay to their heart's content. Feel free to post fanfiction, fanart or any related comments ;)

Some threads may be crossovers, just as long as characters from the Ginyu Force or villains from the Namek Saga (e.g. Zarbon, Freeza, Jeice) are included.

Warning: This is an R-rated RPG. Players must be at least 16 years old. This RPG is also Yaoi friendly i.e. guy/guy (Of course that doesn't mean to say every thread will be full of Yaoiness. Just means that it's welcome here.)


1). First off, players must use the LJ cut tags when posting a story post. This way the main Community page is not so cluttered. If you don't use them, you don't play. Simple as that. If you don't understand how to use LJ tags don't worry, email me and I'll explain.

2). No God-playing! That means no taking over every single character, including other players original characters - unless given the permission to do so. Every player chooses to play so many characters (usually it's a max amount of 4) e.g. Captain Ginyu, Zarbon, Freeza & an OC of their own.

3). No God-playing means NO mary-sues too. For example no luscious blondes with sparkling blue eyes swanning into the scene with more power than the Ginyu Force & Freeza combined.

4). NEW! Check your grammar. Nobody likes to RP with a player who writes like a 10 year old. Everyone should be old enough to know when to use Capital letters, commas etc. This is not an English class, savy?

5). For each thread a player can usually play up to 4 canon characters but only 2 Ginyu members at a time. Once a character is chosen for a thread that does not mean said character will belong to you for other threads. It's a matter of first come first served.

6). If you have any ideas for a thread make sure you state roughly what timeline it takes place in or if it is an A/U (alternative universe). Make sure you state which characters are available to play and if O/Cs (original characters) are allowed.

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